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Save time and money with Zink Pay

Dubai: The introduction of the Direct Debit System (DDS) is expected to boost transparency, reduce paperwork, nearly eliminate cheques and save time as well as boost operational efficiency

Zink Pay helps Dubai and UAE businesses to save up to AED 20,000/month

We help UAE businesses to increase cashflow while decreasing the risks of financial loss and cost of processing and chasing payments

Get paid on time and save money.

Set up direct debits in less than 5 minutes and say goodbye to time and resources spent on collecting and chasing cheques! By switching to direct debit, UAE businesses save up to AED 20,000/month in processing costs! Simply set up and let Zink Pay do the work of payment collection and reconciliation.

Reduce fraud

About 75% of the companies who are annually affected by payments fraud experience cheque fraud. Zink Pay will eliminate the need for cheques and drastically reduce your exposure to fraud.

Increase your Revenue Streams

How many more customers would your business have if you had a reliable method of monthly payments collection? Forget the fears of bounced cheques – switch to the reliability of direct debit! Zink Pay can help businesses retain existing customers and attract new customers by offering monthly payments!

Cheques vs Direct Debit with Zink Pay

You don't have to be an Accounting Specialist to use Zink Pay.

Whether you are a large corporate accountant or a humble landlord trying to manage your tenant’s payments, Zink Pay is easy to set up and manage!

Easy to read dashboard

Manage and track all of your incoming payments at any time on a single dashboard. With daily reconciliation reports, you’ll know exactly who has paid, and who has not

Automate your work

Are you tired of chasing payments? Zink Pay reminders automatically let payers know when their next payment is due. Put the hassle of chasing payments in your rear view mirror.

Connect Zink Pay to your business management software

If you’re already using business management software, don’t worry. Zink Pay comes with an API, so it will get along with your current system.

We will help you with the set up!

Most Frequent Question

What is "Direct Debit?"

You might be used to using cheques and never heard about “Direct Debit.” In reality, Direct Debit has largely replaced cheques in most of the European economies. Direct Debit is an authorization from your client or customer to take regular payments from their bank account. Direct Debit payments can vary in frequency and amount. It can be a one-time payment or a recurring payment (i.e. rent payment, subscription payment, insurance etc.).

How much does it cost?

Zink Pay is not only easy to use but also very affordable. UAE businesses pay on average only
AED 2 per transaction.

For comparison, when taking into account full costs (admin, time, cashflow) experts estimate that an average cost of processing 1 cheque in UAE can reach up to AED 40 per cheque!

What about the law?

Just as the rules related to Cheques are defined and enforced by the Central Bank of UAE, Direct Debit rules and regulations are set forth by the Central Bank of UAE.

Just as the bounced cheques, failed Direct Deposit transactions may result in legal action.

More than 29 million cheques were issued in the UAE… worth nearly Dh1.17 trillion, of which 1.14 million cheques, worth Dh46.85 billion… were either returned or bounced. The Direct Deposit System will reduce this drastically…

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