Billers and Payers of UAE agree that post-dated cheques are risky, waste time and resources of both sides.

Switch to Direct Debit via Zink Pay.
  • Set up direct debits
  • Collect & make payments without the hassle of cheques
  • Improve your cashflow

Say goodbye to cheques

The move to paperless Direct Debit payments system in the UAE benefits all parties involved

  • The billing party benefits from the increased assurance of a regular and stable income while eliminating the need to chase late payments.
  • The paying party benefits from avoiding to pay large upfront payments while decreasing the risks associated with post-dated cheque mismanagement.
  • Both parties benefit by avoiding the costs associated with in-person cheque handling and the risk of financial fraud.

Dr. Padraic McGreal

Zink Pay Founder & Co-CEO​

Benefits of billing with Zink Pay

We help UAE businesses to increase cashflow while decreasing the risks of financial loss and eliminating the cost of processing and chasing payments.

Get paid on time and save money.

Set up direct debits in less than 5 minutes and say goodbye to time and resources spent on collecting and chasing cheques! By switching to direct debit, UAE businesses save up to AED 20,000/month in processing costs! Simply set up and let Zink Pay do the work of payment collection and reconciliation.

Reduce fraud

About 75% of the companies who are effected annually by payments fraud experience cheque fraud. Zink Pay will eliminate the need for cheques and drastically reduce your exposure to fraud.

Increase your Revenue Streams

How many more customers would your business have if you had a reliable method of monthly payments collection? Forget the fears of bounced cheques – switch to the reliability of Direct Debit! Zink Pay can help businesses retain existing customers and attract new customers by offering weekly, monthly or quarterly payments!

Dubai: The introduction of the Direct Debit System (DDS) is expected to boost transparency, reduce paperwork, nearly eliminate cheques and save time as well as boost operational efficiency

Benefits of paying with Zink Pay

When paying with Zink Pay, UAE residents decrease their risk of financial loss by up to 50%

Don't get caught with insufficient funds

With Zink Pay, you will never have trouble tracking your upcoming bills and payments. Get automatic notifications regarding your upcoming bills and avoid the risks of late payments. Stop worrying about forgetting the date on that post -dated cheque you wrote 10 months ago!

Reduce fraud

According to experts, cheque fraud is one of the most common forms of financial crime. Your cheque can be altered, lost, or stolen. Zink Pay eliminates the risks associated with cheque fraud!

Convert large payments into installments

UAE residents can say goodbye to large upfront payments such as rent, insurance, and school fees. Pay in monthly or quarterly instalments with Zink Pay without the risks and the hassle of Post-dated cheques!

In the UAE, issuing post-dated cheques for rent is commonplace. Direct debit is the solution to most problems related to rent cheques. Allowing tenants… to pay their rent in multiple installments makes the process simple, convenient and safe.

Zink Pay is easier to use than most of the UAE Banking Apps.

Easy reconciliation

Manage and track all of your incoming payments at any time on a single dashboard. With daily reconciliation reports, you’ll know exactly who has paid, and who has not

Get Timely Reminders

Manage and track all of your upcoming payments. With Zink Pay’s automated reminders, eliminate the risks of forgetting your payments and incurring late fee charges!

Most Frequent Question

What is "Direct Debit?"

You might be used to using cheques and never heard about “Direct Debit.” In reality, Direct Debit has largely replaced cheques in most of the European economies. Direct Debit is an authorization from your client or customer to take regular payments from their bank account. Direct Debit payments can vary in frequency and amount. It can be a one-time payment or a recurring payment (i.e. rent payment, subscription payment, insurance etc.).

How much does it cost?

Zink Pay is not only easy to use but also very affordable. UAE businesses pay on average only AED 2 per transaction.


What about the law?

In the eyes of the law, a Direct Debit has the same legal weight as a cheque and is governed by the applicable laws of the UAE.

Just like a bounced cheque, failed Direct Deposit transactions may result in legal action.

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